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How I Work

Each person is unique. As an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I will offer a flexible and creative approach that works for you.


The relationship between us will be an important part of our work. I welcome feedback along the way so we can find out what is right for you. I work interactively, meaning I engage with and respond to you and what you present rather than taking the 'blank screen' approach. 


Sharing and exploring what's going on for you can be a relief. I will listen to you carefully, provide honest observations and feedback, and ask questions to guide your exploration gently. This process will offer new perspectives and ways of thinking, feeling, and being. 


If it's helpful, we can figure out what might help resource and ground you in more difficult and stressful times. Paying attention to your nervous system can help with this. We can explore what affects your nervous system and how it, in turn, may then affect your feelings, behaviours and responses to situations. 


Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually shorter-term work, often focussing on a specific issue or agreed goal. Psychotherapy involves long-term or open-ended work and may delve deeper into your unconscious patterns and conflicts. Often, goals can change over time, and this is something we can discuss as we go along.

Our first session gives you an opportunity to discuss what has brought you to therapy and ask me any questions you may have. I will also ask you some questions to understand how we could work together. But ultimately, it is for us to see if we are the right fit. 

My fees start at £90 per 50-minute session. I offer a free 20-minute call to discuss the therapy and practicalities briefly. Also, the introductory session is at a reduced fee of £45. Sessions take place at the same time every week.

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