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Long Covid Support Programme

A free programme for people suffering from the long-term health effects of Covid-19, providing gentle physical and emotional support catered to the needs of participants. Priority access will be given to local residents on a low income (evidence required). If the latter doesn't apply to you, but you feel that the programme would benefit you and you can commit to attending every Friday at Peckham Levels, please do apply.

The programme will begin on Friday 22 April 2022.

  • 12 sessions of restorative aromatherapy yoga followed by a healthy lunch at Level Six Yoga, Peckham Levels

  • 6 support group sessions at Peckham Levels

  • 6 sessions of group auricular (ear) acupuncture at Peckham Levels.

Plus a choice of one of the following 1-1 support options:

  • A) 6 weeks of counselling

  • B) 6 weeks of Shiatsu Massage

  • C) 6 Weeks of Acupuncture

All group activities will take place in Peckham Levels on a Friday morning:

The first 6 weeks- from Friday 22 April - Friday 27 May:
09.45-11.00 Support group
11.15-12.30 Aromatherapy Yoga
12.30 onwards - Healthy lunch

One week break - Friday 3rd June

The second 6 weeks - from Friday 10 June - Friday 15 July
10.00-10.45 Auricular Acupuncture
11.15-12.30 Aromatherapy Yoga
12.30 onwards - Healthy lunch

1-1 Support options as follows:
Counselling - Online sessions
Shiatsu - Appointments will be available on Friday afternoons in Peckham Levels
Acupuncture - Appointments will be available on Wednesdays at Hilltop Community Acupuncture Centre, SE14 5TY.


funded by The Churchill Fellowship.


In collaboration with Liz Legum Therapy​,

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For enquires please email lcsp.peckham@gmail.com

* The programme is now full. Please, only apply if you wish to be added to the waiting list*